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Tip Top Daddy will make us all dance to the frenetic pace of his vinyls. In his sessions, we can enjoy the wild rock and roll from the late 50s and early 60s, Larry Williams, Chuck Berry, Mike Waggoner & The Bops, Benny Joy, The Velaires… from classical to more obscure stuff. He has been a collector of 45 rpm records for years and he is also a guitarist and singer in several bands (Little Boy Arnold, Four Dots, Charlie Hightone & The Rock-It 's) and member of the Ubangi Stomp organization.


Tip Top Daddy nos hará bailar a todos con el frenético ritmo de sus vinilos, en sus pinchadas podremos disfrutar del salvaje rock and roll de finales de los 50s y principios de los 60s, Larry Williams, Chuck Berry, Mike Waggoner & The Bops, Benny Joy, The Velaires... desde temas clásicos a más oscuros. Es coleccionista de 45s desde hace años, también guitarra / cantante en varias formaciones (Little Boy Arnold, Four Dots, Charlie Hightone & The Rock-It's) y miembro de la organización del Ubangi Stomp.

Top 5:

Cosmo - I'm a little mix up (Tilt)
Icky Renrut - Ho Ho (Stevens)
Benny Joy - Money Money (Buck Ram)
Trini Lopez - Sinner not a Saint (United Modern)
Rod Bernard - Recorded in England (Teardrop)